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Dental SEO strategy
that steals you the #1 ranking on Google.

Let your competition cry into their Cocoa Puffs —
because you’ve got incredible patients to serve.

humble brag: award-winning branding, web design & digital marketing strategies.

When you’re in the top search rankings, you’re top of mind.

(Being top of mind is a slice of fried gold. It makes your revenue
 better, boosts new patient bookings, and even whitens your teeth.)

Partnering with Evolvs for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means patients seek you out — instead of the other way around.

With our unexpected  approach to content, keywords, and page positioning, ranking on the first page of Google will be your new reality.

Lean back. Rinse. And spit.

Because we’re here to do every last ounce of heavy lifting & pull your practice to the front of the pack. 


(Some people might call us exceptionally savvy.
And yes, some of those people are our moms.)

It’s increasingly clear that quality of content, quantity of content and distribution of content is the name of the SEO strategy game.

Want to straighten out your online presence? At Evolvs, we brush up on the latest SEO techniques faster than a brace-faced teen at a mirror. We understand that keywords are the building blocks of SEO, much like fluoride is to tooth enamel – indispensable. We don’t just scrape plaque; we deep clean your digital strategy, ensuring Google finds you faster than a cavity finds a sweet tooth. With our link-building, your site’s authority will rise like the cost of dental work, but with us, it’s an investment that pays off. You can trust Evolvs to not just floss the surface but to give you a full-mouth makeover, digitally speaking. So, buckle up and brace for an SEO strategy that bites back.

To truly “get” SEO strategy, let’s take a hilarious trip down memory lane. Back in the day, the hottest SEO trend was all about cramming as many keywords as possible into your website content and sprinkling links like confetti at a parade, leading back to your site. It was the wild west, and the quickest route to SEO stardom was through tactics lovingly referred to as “keyword stuffing” and “link farming.” Google’s algorithms were like benevolent referees, but they had some glaring blind spots that were easier to exploit than finding Waldo in a candy cane factory. In those good ol’ days, it was a race to find and milk these algorithmic loopholes for all they were worth. Black-hat SEOs were slipping through those cracks faster than a greased pig at a county fair. If it meant shoving keywords into every corner of your site, they did it. If it involved placing white text on a white background or paying shady link farms for a backlink bonanza or creating a dozen satellite sites just to point to one main site, they were all in. And guess what? It worked! Some digital marketing whizzes made more money than a vending machine at a junk food convention by exploiting these SEO shenanigans.

But hold your horses, because trying those tricks today will get you slapped with penalties faster than you can say “Google it.” Nowadays, Google’s algorithms are like hyperactive teenagers on a sugar rush, constantly updating with the latest gossip. They’ve grown up, gotten smarter, and are always evolving to kick spam to the curb and serve searchers the cream of the content crop. Kudos to Google algorithm updates Penguin and Panda for putting an end to the easy pickings and shaping the SEO landscape we know today. Yet, Google’s ultimate goal has remained steadfast: rewarding the cream-of-the-crop websites for the keywords being searched.

For those of us who’ve always walked the straight and narrow path of white-hat SEO, it’s payday! If an SEO company tells you, “We can SEO your website,” don’t just run, sprint like Usain Bolt. SEO has become a labyrinth of complexity and dynamism that demands a monthly budget and a well-rounded approach. Scaling those search engine peaks and staying there requires a dedicated dream team of web and SEO wizards. It’s no longer just about on-page text, links, and keywords. Today’s SEO strategy is a high-stakes game involving email marketing, social media wizardry, customer relationship management (CRM), and mind-blowing content strategies. It embraces user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and call-to-action (CTA) sorcery. It’s a symphony of content marketing, blog wizardry, landing page mastery, infographics, video voodoo, on-page sorcery, PR magic, and keyword wizardry. And let’s not forget, the best SEO strategy now requires earning links the old-fashioned way—by creating kick-butt content and reaching out to quality sources. This level of complexity calls for a Justice League of experts: UX/UI designers, conversion gurus, keyword whisperers, journalists, web wizards, video maestros, and more. SEO and SEO strategy are no longer a one-person sideshow; it’s a whole darn circus!

At the heart of it all, SEO strategy is our jam. Let our award-winning digital marketing team take your search engine rankings from zero to hero.

  • SEO Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • Keyword Analysis Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Blog & Content Strategy
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  • Call-To-Action Strategy
  • User Experience & User Interface Design

Evolvs is your friendly neighborhood SEO superhero. We eat our own SEO medicine and rank among the top three spots for over 250 competitive keyword phrases. Our top-notch SEO strategy puts us in a league of our own, somewhere north of the equator. Let us be your guiding light on the path to success with our tailor-made orthodontic SEO strategies.

There are thousands of searches for orthodontists every day, let’s make your SEO strategy work for your orthodontic or dental practice.



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A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“EVOLVS made creating my brand and website very simple for me. EVOLVS is turn key and knows the dental industry.”

Max Couch

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“I have worked with EVOLVS for over 10 years. Very good branding and website design. I am starting another practice in Beverly Hills and will be working with EVOLVS again. I give my highest recommendation. ”

Dan Grauer

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“I’ve worked with this company for years and have always found them to be creative and very client-centered.”

Tradd Harter

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“EVOLVS has been amazing to work with for my company. They constantly provide good service and most importantly - results. Looking forward to progressing my relationship with them through their web site design!”

Alex Culberson

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“Had a great experience with EVOLVS. EVOLVS built a beautiful website for my orthodontic practice and his SEO keeps me near top of the page in Google and Bing searches. He also refreshed my office logo and stationary. They do it all and continue to innovate with our changing industry.”

Jason Vives

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“EVOLVS has been instrumental at helping us connect with our patients. They combined our vision with their skills to create something that is truly unique. It is refreshing to work with a company who was willing to listen to our needs while providing unprecedented creativity.”

Mark Causey

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“I’ve been with Jerry and EVOLVS for a few years. As a startup he got my google ranking high very quickly and helped me create a brand identity. I always get compliments on my website from patients and I always feel like I’m treated with VIP service when I have an idea or a change to make. Highly recommend EVOLVS.”

Ryan Minga

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“I have been using their services for over ten years and have had nothing but great customer care! Can’t recommend them enough...”

Doug Knight

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“Rarely have I worked with folks that get it on the first try. You did and thanks!”

Jim Whitehead

You’re reading mouse-type again. Which proves our point—Content matters.

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