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Dental branding
harness “brand equity”
with brand strategy.

making your mark. begins with a mark.

What the world thinks of,
when they think of you.

Branding is more than your logo. It’s an attitude. It’s voice. It’s visual space.
It’s your look. Your feel. It’s everything that makes you, you.

Whether you’ve been in business for decades or you’re just starting out, your practice already has a brand. Whether it’s “Our family’s trusted orthodontist,” or “The place by the off-ramp,” the world thinks something when they think of you. Which is where we come in.

Evolvs works with you to discover your strengths, learn your patients’ priorities and study your competitive landscape. Then, we use that intelligence to craft a voice and visual language that aligns your strengths with your patients’ needs – in ways that help you stand out from the competition.

Once we’ve built the foundation of your brand, we help you extend it across every aspect of your practice – from your logo to your site to your marketing materials to the way your team answers the phone.

The result? A seamlessly interconnected set of materials and language that consistently reinforce the image you want to project. And a smart, effective way to present your practice to the world.

Unleash Your Orthodontic Swagger: The Groovy Benefits of Branding

Welcome to Evolvs, where we turn orthodontic branding from “meh” to “heck yeah!” Let’s dive into the downright groovy benefits of jazzing up your orthodontic brand.

Orthodontic Branding: More Than Just a Pretty Smile

Let’s face it, orthodontic branding doesn’t have to be as dull as a dental drill. It’s about injecting some pizzazz into your practice and making your mark in the orthodontic jungle. At Evolvs, we’re not just here to slap a logo on your website and call it a day. We’re here to help you unleash your inner orthodontic rockstar.

The Fabulous Benefits That’ll Make You Strut Your Stuff

  • Spotlight Stealer: Say goodbye to blending into the background. With Evolvs, your brand will shine brighter than a freshly polished set of braces, grabbing the attention of potential patients and making them say, “Wow, that’s one cool orthodontist!”
  • Social Media Swag: Who says orthodontic branding can’t be fun on social media? We’ll help you craft posts so engaging, your followers will be hitting that “like” button faster than you can say “cheese.”
  • Patient Magnet: A killer brand doesn’t just attract attention; it attracts patients. With Evolvs, you’ll have patients lining up outside your practice door, eager to experience the magic of your orthodontic prowess.
  • Cool Kid on the Block: Stand out from the orthodontic crowd with a brand that’s as unique as you are. Our branding efforts will have you strutting your stuff like the coolest kid on the block, leaving your competitors green with envy.
  • Growth Spurt: Brace yourself for some serious growth. With Evolvs by your side, your practice will be growing faster than a teenager hitting a growth spurt. Get ready to watch your patient list expand like never before.

Ready to Rock Your Orthodontic Brand?

Evolvs is here to help you unleash your orthodontic swagger. Let’s turn your brand from “meh” to “heck yeah!” Contact us today to start your journey to orthodontic branding greatness. Let’s make your practice the talk of the town – in the best way possible!

4 Stages of OUR Brand Evolution Process.


Understanding & Discovery

(yields data and context)


Articulating & Clarifying

(yields your personality and the potential story you have to tell)


Positioning & Differentiating

(yields your uniqueness and value)


Identifying & Creating

(yields your identity and creative assets)

A brag-worthy orthodontic or dental brand in as little as 10 days. Yes, really.

Our 4-phase discovery + design process is smooth n’ sweet like peanut butter. When a collaborative approach meets total mastery of design, you get a mark, brand + tagline, faster than a five year-old who just heard a dental drill. Discover our process. You’ll love the results.

Believe the hype. A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“EVOLVS has been instrumental at helping us connect with our patients. They combined our vision with their skills to create something that is truly unique. It is refreshing to work with a company who was willing to listen to our needs while providing unprecedented creativity.”

Mark Causey

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“EVOLVS made creating my brand and website very simple for me. EVOLVS is turn key and knows the dental industry.”

Max Couch

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“I have worked with EVOLVS for over 10 years. Very good branding and website design. I am starting another practice in Beverly Hills and will be working with EVOLVS again. I give my highest recommendation. ”

Dan Grauer

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“I’ve worked with this company for years and have always found them to be creative and very client-centered.”

Tradd Harter

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“EVOLVS has been amazing to work with for my company. They constantly provide good service and most importantly - results. Looking forward to progressing my relationship with them through their web site design!”

Alex Culberson

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“Had a great experience with EVOLVS. EVOLVS built a beautiful website for my orthodontic practice and his SEO keeps me near top of the page in Google and Bing searches. He also refreshed my office logo and stationary. They do it all and continue to innovate with our changing industry.”

Jason Vives

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“I’ve been with Jerry and EVOLVS for a few years. As a startup he got my google ranking high very quickly and helped me create a brand identity. I always get compliments on my website from patients and I always feel like I’m treated with VIP service when I have an idea or a change to make. Highly recommend EVOLVS.”

Ryan Minga

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“I have been using their services for over ten years and have had nothing but great customer care! Can’t recommend them enough...”

Doug Knight

A few kind words from some of our better halves.

“Rarely have I worked with folks that get it on the first try. You did and thanks!”

Jim Whitehead

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Think of your brand as a guest at a party. We help make sure you’re invited back.

evolvs - your partners in perfected dental + orthodontic marketing

your partners in perfected dental + orthodontic practices.

EVOLVS partners with motivated orthodontists + dentists to clarify their vision, elevate their brand, and grow the heck out of their practices.

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