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Leave It to a Pro

Have you ever had a patient walk into your office after a DIY dental job?

Maybe they watched a YouTube video about how to straighten their own teeth. Or they bought a kit online promising to clean their pearly whites “just as well as a dental hygienist can!” Or maybe they even attempted to fill a cavity on their own. *Shudder.*

Yeah, you know the drill. When your patients attempt to fix their teeth on their own, the results are never pretty. 

The same goes for just about any job that requires a professional… like the examples below. 

But sometimes, patients need a gentle reminder (or a whack in the head) to Leave It to a Pro. That’s where we come in. 

Leave It to a Pro: A Marketing Campaign Curated for Dentists and Orthodontists 

Leave It to a Pro is our innovative new digital marketing campaign for dental professionals. You get personalized marketing videos curated for your practice by our team of professional marketers. 

These videos will make your patient base grin, but they’ll also get them thinking: Dental care isn’t something to mess around with. 

These ads aren’t just for patients who’ve attempted DIY dental care. You can also reach:

  • Patients who aren’t convinced they need bi-annual dental cleanings
  • Patients who are thinking of buying cheap invisible aligners through an online kit
  • Patients who would rather choose a budget dental practice than the one that actually cares about their experience

Your Leave It to a Pro campaign will position your practice as the best option for patients in your area to get professional, expert-level dental services. 

What You Can Expect From a Custom Leave It to a Pro Campaign 

When you partner with Evolvs for a curated Leave It to a Pro marketing campaign, you get professional marketing videos that we: 

  • Personalized for your specific dental or orthodontic practice
  • Overlayed with your logo (and no hint of the Evolvs branding)
  • Packaged with a bow and delivered to your (digital) door

Your Leave it to a Pro campaign can be a stand-alone marketing strategy, but if you want to integrate it into a larger digital marketing campaign, we can help you there, too. 

Ready to learn more about how Leave It to a Pro can help your practice shine like newly whitened teeth? Get in touch through our contact form or schedule a meeting in our calendar

There's never a simple or quick fix–leave it to a pro.

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